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Monday, June 17, 2013

Bridge Vidin - Calafat - the longest on Danube river

The longest and biggest bridge on Danube river at Vidin - Calafat

Danube bridge Vidin - Calafat
Danube bridge Vidin - Calafat
The longest and actually the biggest bridge on the Danube connects Bulgarian town Vidin and Calafat on the Romanian side. 
Here are few beauty images of this construction wonder taken few days ago from both the Bulgarian and Romanian side:
Vidin Calafat bridge
bridge Vidin Calafat

Vidin Danube bridge
Danube bridge Vidin - Calafat view from Bulgarian side

bridge Calafat Vidin

road Calafat Vidin

You can find some more interesting info about this bridge over the Danube here: Vidin-Calafat Danube bridge - opening ceremony, taxes and fees info

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