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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Revo T882 3G - powerful tablet for games and multimedia

Detailed presentation and review of the affordable multimedia tablet Revo T882 3G

Revo T882 3G tablet
Revo T882 3G multimedia tablet
Nowadays, design, functionality, reliable hardware, good battery and suitable software to control them are mandatory attributes required of a new tablet in order to be designated as a potential bestseller.

The price is also of great importance would be to tilt the balance in choosing our future purchase. In this review, our team will present a tablet that meets all the criteria mentioned here. Dear lovers of technologies that make our lives easier - Revo T882 3G.

Few people who choose any technology product because only functions. It is known that the first thing we pay attention to each device before buying his design.


Revo T882 3G is contemporary and quite spectacular. The housing combines hewn in the face, smooth gradient in the periphery and rounding to the back cover. The corners also rounded, thereby beautiful addition, they make the tablet and functional. This solution optimizes it in a convenient both for work and for carrying in bags inside pockets of his coat or jacket us. Visible to the eye materials that are used here are two Revo - aluminum and plastic with two types of treatment - glossy front and matte in the rear.

The combination of the back will definitely determine as appropriate and beautiful. The metal in addition to serving as a natural refrigerant itself makes contact with the T882 even more pleasant. Plastic to already have guessed ... and you have a functional task. Below are housed antennas for Wi-Fi and 3G. To the device of your screen is rather phablet like - Smart Technology segment for which we have spoken before. In short, it combines the convenience of a tablet and the functionality of the phone.

This yields a tablet that we can conduct direct talks. Of course except for telephony, we can use the nest and Data SIM by will just have internet anywhere allows coverage of our mobile operator. If you use two operators at the same time, we also have a solution that will soon show you in a separate video review - Revo T738 3G is a budget phablet with two SIM cards.

But back to the T882 and in particular its size. In terms of tablets as a whole, it is great, but if it compares favorably with other 8-inch drives will define it as a compact. High is 206 mm, width of 123 and a thickness of only 8.7 mm.

Weight scale does measures 307 grams. For visual comparison we choose two other popular tablet with a similar size. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 4 - 210 124 8 mm with 320 grams weight and Apple iPad mini 3 has no 3G and whose screen is a bit smaller - it is with dimensions of 200 134.7 7.5 mm and weight of 331 grams.


The display of Revo T882 as I did with a diagonal of 8 ". This is IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with resolution WXGA 1280 x 800 pixels. After calculate pixel density for an area of ​​1 "- 189, we can conclude that this purely statistical display is representative of the highest class. Our practical tests will confirm this statement.

From as close distance to gaze not see grain or similar problems that irritate and strain our eyes. We do not feel fatigue after prolonged playing games we made in order to understand how does the battery of Revo T882 under heavy load, but it later. The display has good color rendition with high brightness. We can achieve both automatically and manually. Hence, we have high viewing angles and we can safely use the device for watching movies, even if few people are standing in front of him. Respectively T882 is suitable for presentations. With the touchscreen did not find problems - it reacts quickly and accurately set of commands us. In the basic kit Revo have included plant protector, so you do not have to worry that it will hurt your screen when worn in bags without a protective case.


At the top of the frame above the display we find the speaker grille, light sensor and proximity to both the front camera. Besides taking pictures Self, with its help you can implement video calls in Skype, social instant messaging or directly to a phone call. Revo T882 has another camera on the back - she 2MP have multiple settings and filters.

Even available flash feature that the majority of tablets which are commercially available, no.


Revo T882 is powered by a 4-core MediaTek MT8382 processor architecture ARM Cortex-A7 and clocked at 1.2 GHz. Same hitherto seen in the tablet Acer Iconia A1-713 and Lenovo Tab A7-50 3G. The partner here is the graphics processor Mali-400 MP2, and the RAM has a capacity of 1GB. Our impressions of the selected hardware so good.

In combination with the Android operating system version 4.4 KitKat, Revo-it excels with all the tasks. And it is - playing games downloaded free from Google Play, HD video, browsing, uploading photos to Facebook or use text formats.


The battery that powers everything listed here is Li-Ion battery rechargeable 4000mAh. Our conclusion after nearly a week tests is that a single charge when combined work you can use the tablet two days. The cost of that Revo T882 is offered for around 100 Euros in some EU countries (primarily Bulgaria where it is manufactured).

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