Babolat E-Sense Comp tennis racquet review

Babolat E-Sense Comp tennis racquet review

Features, specs and video review of the Babolat E-Sense Comp tennis racket

Babolat E-Sense Comp is a low-end tennis racket with a 100 headsize and the patented Babolat side Woofer technology.

Babolat E-Sense Comp tennis      Babolat E-Sense Comp

The E-Sense Comp utilizes Xtra Sweetspot technology in a popular 100-square inch headsize. By positioning a more-forgiving Pebax grommet strip in the 3:00 and 9:00 positions on the head, the sweetspot is enlarged when compared with other racquets of comparable head size.
With Babolats patented Woofer technology, the amount of time the ball spends on contact with the string bed is maximized; an increase of 25% over racquets with similar specifications. The 100% graphite composition provides a light weight for more swing speed yet a stiffer feel for more control on contact. Overall, the Babolat E-Sense Comp is a nice blend of power and control that should help players looking to improve their game and transition into an adult frame.

Babolat E-Sense CompBabolat E-Sense Comp

Babolat E-Sense Comp  E-Sense Comp

Offering a generous sweetspot and lightweight feel, the E-Sense Comp offers excellent maneuverability without sacrificing stability or comfort for the beginning to intermediate player.
Babolat E-Sense Comp tennis racquet is offered at a very affordable price. It costs around $100 but you can easy fund it on sale in sports stores.

Babolat E-Sense Comp video review

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2 Responses

  1. ADMIN

    The Babolat E-sense comp is a great racket for the money. The woofer technology makes the impact with the ball more stable and in result control is improved significantly. The only thing that's missing is the Cortex system but it is included in the more expensive Babolat rackets. I strongly recommend this racket.

  2. Anonymous

    This racket is an excellent racket for what it costs. Its the first racket I had, It really does a good job and still does today. Its pretty light, cuts through the air pretty fast, looks pretty good too. This E-sense comp is a fantastic begginers racket!

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