Best performing 32-inch LED TVs for 2013 – Philips, Samsung, Sony and LG

Short list and review of the best performing 32-inch LED TVs for 2013 – Philips 32PFL4508H, Samsung UE32F6400, Sony Bravia KDL-32R420A / KDL-32R420  and LG 32LN575S

Here is a short list with our top picks for best performing and best value for money 32-inch LED TVs for 2013 (new models for this year):
Philips 32PFL4508H
 This is the latest generation Philips Smart TV with plenty of interesting new features. Philips 32PFL4508H is 32-inch Full HD Smart 3D LED TV with 3D converter and 3D Max technology. The 32PFL4508H also impresses with high motion rate of 200 Hz and low price of around 500 Euro. The attractive design and Pixel Plus HD technology are two of the other big selling points for this TV. Take a look at the full Philips 32PFL4508H review and learn more about this affordable 32-inch LED TV.
LG 32LN575S
LG 32LN575S reviewThis is one of my favorite 32-inch LED TVs for 2013. LG 32LN575S is Full HD LED TV with Smart TV functions. It performs very well and offers very good picture quality. I also kike its simple and clean design and its low price tag of around 420 Euro. 
We have a complete LG 32LN575S review for those who are interested in this LG TV. 
Samsung UE32F6400
Samsung UE32F6400 reviewSamsung UE32F6400 is Full HD 3D Smart LED TV with Samsung’s One Design looks (which I personally don’t like very much, especially the shiny parts on this one). Some of the key technologies that are used in this TV are the 200 Clear Motion Rate, Auto Motion Plus 120 / 240 Hz and 3D HyperReal Engine. You can also rely on built-in WiFi for easy access to the Internet. 
Take a look at the Samsung UE32F6400 review to learn more about its features and specifications.  
Sony Bravia KDL-32R420 / Sony Bravia KDL-32R420A
Sony Bravia KDL-32R420 reviewSony Bravia KDL-32R420 and Sony Bravia KDL-32R420A are two of the most affordable 32-inch LED TVs from Sony. These are the least equipped TVs from this list – they are both HD 720p TVs  (not Full HD)  without any 3D or Smart TV functions. What these two offer amazing design and build quality and perfect HD picture thanks to the Clear Resolution Enhancer, Direct LED backlighting and Motionflow XR 100Hz technologies for improving the picture quality and overall performance. 
Samsung UE-32F4510
 This is the cheapest competitor in this list – the UE-32F4510 is 32-inch HD (720p) LED TV with Smart TV functions. You can find this TV for as low as £320. Check its full features and specs at the Samsung UE-32F4510 review.

And as a small update from last month, Sony now has two other extremely tempting competitors in this class – Sony KDL-32R421 and Sony KDL-32W600A. They are both affordable and offer great picture quality which put them in the best selling 32-inch TVs for the last few months.

I would also recommend you to take a look at our top choices for best 32-inch LED TVs for 2012 and our best 42-inch Full HD LED TVs for 2013
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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    What a load of rubbish this article is. Half the televisions mentioned here are not even full HD, while two are 3D, a gimmick that hardly anyone (except maybe footballers) wants.

    What's primarily required is to take into account minimised motion judder, picture detail, and evenness of light across the screen.

    What we don't need to read is whether the reviewer likes or dislikes the colour of the bezel. After all, I'd prefer a non-reflective/matt display, but none of the idiot manufacturers are doing it; instead they'd prefer to give us no choice, ie. Marxist capitalism. New World Order, anybody?

  2. ADMIN

    It says '32-inch LED TVs' not 32-inch Full HD TVs so we don't understand what are you complaining from. And this is not a review but a short list of the TVs we would recommend and TVs that are good value for money.

  3. Anonymous

    What about the LG 32LA667S?

    I know you guys said good things about it but wouldnt it be worth mentioning in this "best off"? It has it all. I saw one in a promotion here in Portugal (Europe) for only 399 euro and bought it, after reading your and other good analysis :).
    Thanks for that, by the way.

  4. ADMIN

    You are welcome. It would be nice if you have some time to share a little from your experience with the LG 32LA667S – pros and cons, do you have any problems with it, etc.

  5. Anonymous

    I can do my best, altought i am not an expert.
    It all started 2 month ago when my mother bought a smart tv for her home, out of nowhere.
    It was a TX 42ET60 by panasonic. Since I had no previous contact with a smart tv, i fell in love with it.
    I decided to buy one for me but i only needed 32''.
    So i started my search which included notions about what is good and what is to avoid. I saw them all. Philips, Samsung, other LG, panasonic.

    One day I saw this amazing promotion for the 32la667s for only 399,99 euro. In every other stores in europe its always more than 499 euro. Many stores actually sell the 32la660s for 600 euro. So the price i got was really amazing.
    After a detailed investigation i decided it was Indeed an amazing value for money and bought it.
    I didnt find any 32" below 700 euro that can outperform this LG and that says a lot. If i had pay 600 euro I would still feel it was a good for money buy.

    The pros: amazing image quality with decent passive 3D for low price. 400 hz.
    Great DLNA server (it allows in-built subtitles on movies). I use it a lot and it's way better than the panasonic dlna.
    Very Cheap considering it's for a mid range segment
    IPS screen
    Very fast tv

    The only con i can notice is the in some darker images. But its only a very subtle con, hardly noticeable.

    In the end, this 32la667s is from the la660s series and it speaks for itself.
    I saw you guys recomend the 42la660s as the best value for money in the 42".
    This one has the same specs, but 32".

    Hope you enjoy this mini-review!

  6. ADMIN

    Thanks for your feedback, it is always nice to have consumers' opinion about products rather than relying just on specs and fake marketing oriented reviews.

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