DELL XPS 13 vs Latitude E7240 ultrabook video comparison

Video comparison with two of the top ultrabooks on the market – DELL XPS 13 and Latitude E7240 Ultrabook

Latitude E7240 ultrabook
DELL XPS 13 vs Latitude E7240 ultrabooks 
There are plenty of discussions in internet about the best ultrabooks offered on the market today and thet’s why I decided to bring to your attention at two of the best performars – the amazing  DELL XPS 13 and the business oriented Latitude E7240.

Botht these machines look and performe awesome and even though they have so many things in common they are also different in many aspects. Probably the biggest differentetce between these two are the screens which for the XPS is a 13-inch touchscreen display while on the business oriented Latitude E7240 we have a regular TFT panel. On the other hand probably the biggest similarity between these computers is the price, which is quite high for each one of them.

My personal preference goes for the Latitude E7240 as this is my choice when I was choosing new computer for work related purposes. I can say that I am pretty much impressed, just few minor downfalls ruin the perfect score for this very capable and yet mobile.  DELL XPS 13 is probably for those looking for a better media experience and the glare touchsccreen does the job just fine. Here is the video where you can see the  DELL XPS 13 and  Latitude E7240 head to head in a battle for the crown in the expensive ultrabook segment:

 DELL XPS 13 vs Latitude E7240 ultrabook video comparison

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