IDEA XJ-3800-1 / Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 7-in-1 Intelligent Air Purifier

IDEA XJ-3800-1 / Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 7-in-1 Intelligent Air Purifier

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IDEA XJ-3800-1 / Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 7-in-1 Intelligent Air Purifier with Sensors that Monitor Air Quality, Pollutant Types and Performance


So, how I bought our IDEA XJ-3800-1? Some times ago I decided that we need an air purifier since the city we live is famous with its dirty air. Even though the decision was made I did not purchase one because most of the air purifiers I liked were really expensive – $300 and above.

Cheaper then the competition

IDEA XJ-3800-1 which is almost equivalent to the air purifier offered at Amazon – Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 is really much cheaper than the popular equivalents offered by Philips, Rowenta and co.

I found mine on this year’s Black Friday at a local store for just a $100 which is an amazing deal considering the fact that most online tech shops offer it at $140-160.

IDEA XJ-3800-1
IDEA XJ-3800-1

My first impressions with theĀ IDEA XJ-3800-1 were quite positive, even though the product does not look premium. The operation is quiet on the lower setting and there is also night/silent mode as well. What I liked most is the fact that this air purifier has an auto mode which makes it simple to operate with it.


  • Advanced diagnostics that monitor pollution levels, types of pollutants detected, filter performance and filter life
  • Cleans the air in 7 ways, an air-cleaning technology for virtually every airborne indoor pollutant
  • True HEPA air filter, combined with ionizer, to capture dust &allergens such as pollen, ragweed, dust mites & mold spores
  • Includes activated carbon filter for chemicals and odors and germ-killing UV lamp
  • Washable electrostatic dust collector cell adds yet another proven air-purifying technology

Monitors pollution levels, pollutant types and filter performance

No more guessing how clean or dirty your air really is

The Clean Air Monitor tells you whether the air in your home or office is clean, filthy, or somewhere in between. There are four indicator lights representing each category of air quality (from left to right): Clean, Some Pollution, Significant Pollution, Severe Pollution.

Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800
Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 air purifier
Know exactly what you are breathing in

The Clean Air Monitor doesn’t just tell you ‘how much’, but it also lets you know ‘what’. The lower indicator strip shows the type of pollutant being detected by the sensors, whether it be dust, allergens or odor-causing compounds.

The right amount of power for the right amount of pollutants

When set to Auto Mode, the IDEA XJ-3800-1 / Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 will automatically adjust settings according to the level of pollution being detected. For instance, if severe pollution levels are detected, it will ramp the unit up to the highest power setting, protecting you from contaminated air. If no pollution is detected, it will lower itself to Quiet mode, minimizing both sound and electricity usage.

7 proven air-cleaning stages for virtually every pollutant type

Captures Dust, Allergens, Mold Spores and other Particulate

True HEPA is the most effective type of filter at capturing dust, allergens and other physical particles.

Electrostatic Dust Collector Grid magnetically attracts particles and pollutants to metal plates. This adds another level of dust and allergen protection. Simply wipe clean when dirty–no replacement required.

Pre-Filter removes larger debris, increasing the effectiveness of the high-efficiency filters downstream.

IDEA XJ-3800-1 remote
IDEA XJ-3800-1 remote control
Neutralizes Odors, Chemicals, Bacteria & Cigarette Smoke

Activated Carbon is the most effective filtration type against chemicals and odors.

Photocatalytic Filter takes care of VOC’s and bacteria. Photocatalytic filtration has proven to be effective in multiple studies by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

Produces Negative Ions, which help neutralize dust, allergens, chemicals and bacteria. Negative ions have proven to be both safe and effective in numerous government and university studies.

Destroys Germs and Viruses

Germicidal UV lamp is lethal against harmful micro-organisms. Recommended by the CDC (Centers of Disease Control).

IDEA XJ-3800-1 unboxing video


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