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ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router - our opinion

Our opinion after 3 months of using the affordable wireless router ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300

ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300
ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router

We have been using the ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router for almost 3 months now and that is why I decided to share our opinion about this affordable and yet very capable N router.

Currently we are using the RT-N12E in our office and it is connected to couple of devices including a smart TV and couple smartphones. I have to say that I am really impressed with the performance of this router. It remains cold for almost all the time regardless of the volume it is transferring. This is definitely something not very common in this price range.

We had been using couple of Netgear routers before and they got pretty warm most of the time and eventually stopped working.

The reception of the ASUS RT-N12E is also pretty good and stable. We didn't face any network outages during these 3 months that we have been using it. Another impressive thing about this router is the quick and easy set up process. The Plug-n-surf software that comes with the router gives you the choice of setting the basic stuff and run it.

This software also successfully cloned the MAC address as our ISP requires the usage of only approved devices (well yes, there are still some providers who do that and honestly it is quite annoying).

Well, this was our short opinion about the ASUS RT-N12E Wireless-N300 router, it is a very good router for the money. If you need some more info about it you can check our full ASUS RT-N12E review where more images and specs of the device are provided.