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How to clean microwave in 3 easy steps

Cleaning your microwave is not hard, especially if you have the right approach

microwave clean
clean microwave in 3 easy steps and less than 3 minutes

I am really surprised that many consumers find it hard to clean their microwave ovens. I get the part that kitchen appliances could be a big hassle sometimes with tasks like cleaning the deep-fryer after couple of months of use. But cleaning microwave could be easy, especially if you have the correct approach to this not so difficult household task.

LG 32LJ500V Full HD LED TV - specs and price info

List of features, specifications and price information about the compact 32 inch Full HD LED TV LG 32LJ500V

LG 32LJ500V TV
LG 32LJ500V 32 inc Full HD LED TV

LG 32LJ500V is one of the very popular compact 32 inch LED TVs in 2018. This is actually one of the cheapest 32 inch Full HD panels offered by LG but it is not only the low price that attracts many customers in this TV. The LG 32LJ500V offers pretty good picture quality and sound. What are the rest of its good qualities? I will let you know in my short review next.

Why I ordered the TEFAL Uno M for our new deep fryer?

Waiting for new kitchen appliance - expecting our new deep fryer TEFAL Uno M FF123130

TEFAL Uno M FF123130
Tefal Uno M FF123130

It has been quite a dilemma in the last couple of months, should we buy a deep fryer or shouldn't we. And if yes, what kind of fryer, should be one of those new fancy hot air fryers that I have never used or should we take a standard fryer that uses a lot of oil and makes french fries and chicken wings super delicious. Guess what I chose... yep, chose the classics and bought a new TEFAL Uno M deep fryer.

our new fryer - TEFAL Uno M

About the TEFAL Uno M FF123130
It is one of the budget and quite basic fryers offered by Tefal. It doesn't have any additional oil filtration system like the Tefal Filtra One FF175D71. It is a simple fryer offered in white plastic or as an alternative you can buy it in black and metallic/INOX. I chose the white version of it since it is a bit cheaper and looks a bit more traditional.

Tefal with cool new mini oven - Optimo 19L

My thoughts about the new TEFAL Optimo 19L convection oven

Tefal Optimo 19L mini oven
Tefal Optimo 19L mini oven

Couple of years ago it was very difficult to find a decent mini oven that wouldn't take too much space and would a good job for occasional baking. I remember my grandma bought couple of these but all of them were cheap and were only good for some warming up rather than serious cooking. 

Thankfully these days things have changed and Tefal recently released few very good convection ovens in different sizes but all very capable in the kitchen. The one that I reviewed the other day was the Optimo 19L which is the smaller version. And for those who need more space there is the Optimo 33L which should be good for roomier dishes.

I can't sell my tablet but not sure why... Lenovo Tab 2 A8?

I am having troubles selling my Lenovo Tab 2 A8 and I am not sure why it is so hard to sell

sell Lenovo Tab 2 A8
Anyone who wants my Lenovo Tab 2 A8 tablet??

I've put my almost brand new Android tablet Lenovo TAB 2 A8-50F on the classifieds couple of weeks ago but found out there is almost zero interest in it, even after I dropped the price couple of times.

About the Lenovo Tab 2 A8
Well it is a pretty decent tablet which I got as a present couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I never used it so much and it remained almost in brand new condition. The reason behind was the fact that my smartphones got bigger and the screen size difference was close to insignificant in order to justify carrying an additional Android device with me. Even though the Tab 2 A8 has an 8-inch display I consider it a tablet from the compact segment closer to the 5+ inch smartphones rather than to the 10 and above inch tablets. Other than that the tablet has pretty decent specs, good enough for web browsing and watching YouTube on the go.