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How good is the 32-inch Sharp 32BI3K Smart LED TV?

Checking the main features and specs of the 32-inch Android TV Sharp 32BI3K Sharp 32BI3K is not the most popular TV in the segment but it definitely has some good features. Many consumers already bought new TV around the 2022 Black Friday shopping campaign but some of you will do that around Christmas as well. 
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One month with the Dell Latitude 5420 laptop

Consumer feedback after using the compact Dell Latitude 5420 laptop for a month Most of you probably noticed that we like to share product feedback after a month. So, it has been over 30 days of using the  Dell Latitude 5420 and it is time to share some impressions, what we like and what we didn't like about the laptop. Things we liked about the Dell Latitude 5420 There is much to like about the Latitude 5420. It is a compact laptop but also very capable. One of the main features that we value in a product like this laptop is the quality build. This computer is meant to be carried around through offices, airports, cars and parks and it need to handle a lot of stress, vibrations, different temperatures, duty environment and more. It is very important that a business laptop leaves the impression of a well-made product and the Latitude 5420 does leave such impression. On the other hand this laptop is also quite versatile, it is small but also quite fast. With a powerful Intel i5 proc

We got a new air-conditioner - Haier AS25TAEHRA-CLC

We bought the Haier AS25TAEHRA-CLC Wi-Fi air-conditioner and here is our feedback so far It has been couple of months since we bought and installed the  Haier AS25TAEHRA-CLC air-conditioner, so it is time to share our feedback about this product so far.  Since we purchased it by the end of the summer we didn't get to test in for cooling. During the last month though, we managed to use it for heating and it did well.

What do we know about Hama Freedom Light true wireless headphones

Checking the main qualities of the affordable TWS earphones Hama Freedom Light Recently we bought the Edifier X5 true wireless stereo headphones and they are doing fantastic job so far, with great sound quality and features. We didn't have much experience with TWS headphones and earphones and honestly we weren't sure what to expect. But after this recent purchase we are confident that we will test a lot of them in the coming months. Today we are taking a closer look at the  Hama Freedom Light wireless earbuds. They are cheap but quite functional. The sound quality is decent and the battery life is good.

What do we know about NEI TVs?

NEI TVs - are they any good? What do we know about them already and the models we have tested so far We still haven't tested many NEI TVs but we decided to spend some time discussing this not so popular TV brand. To be honest, we don't know much about this TV brand but we have seen some very decent offers, mostly online. Most of the products are produced or coming from Romania, a country that developed quite a lot in the consumer electronics segment in the last couple of years.

JVC LT-43VF4100 - affordable 43-inch LED TV offered in Europe

Checking the main features and specifications of the affordable 43-inch Full HD LED TV JVC LT-43VF4100 Since it is the Black Friday month and also the FIFA 2022 World Cup begins today, a lot of consumers are picking up their brand new TVs. We have reviewed all kinds of LED TVs these days, to cover a little something for everyone.   Today we will be taking a closer look at one of the more affordable TVs offered in many European countries - the cheap 43-inch Full HD LED TV  JVC LT-43VF4100 . 

Our honest opinion about the Edifier X5 true wireless earphones

We test and review the outstanding earbuds Edifier X5 It has been quite some time since we last tested an Edifier product. But today we have focused our attention on a product that we really liked a lot.  And we are going to be completely honest with you, this review is compiled just few hours after we bought and tested the Edifier X5 true wireless earphones . The reason behind is the fact that we were really pleasantly surprised by the sound quality delivered by this pair of earbuds.