Toshiba 32BV501B LED TV

Toshiba 32BV501B product review and specifications. Toshiba 32BV501B price
Toshiba 32BV501B 32in HDTV

With an attractive glossy black design and a range of useful features, the Toshiba 32BV501B is the perfect HD-Ready addition to your living room.
As well as a detailed 32-inch high resolution 720p HD Ready display, the Toshiba 32BV501B LCD television offers integrated Freeview, giving you access to dozens of free-to-air digital channels and digital radio stations.
The Toshiba 32BV501B comes with a PC input to allow it to double as a PC monitor, while USB connectivity also enables you to view photos, watch digitally stored movies and listen to music directly on your television.
You can watch movies on your 32BV501B LCD television just as the film-makers intended, with a 24p mode that shows films as you’d see them in the cinema, while two HDMI inputs allow you to plug in your Blu-ray player, games console, DVD player, camcorder or any other HDMI compatible device.

Toshiba 32BV501B features
- Television Type - LCD
- 24p Playback - 24p Playback shows 24 image frames per second for judder free images. Films are shot at this speed
- Built-in Digital Tuner - Freeview, your TV has a built-in tuner , you can enjoy free digital TV programmes via your standard digital TV aerial, without the need for a separate set top box.
- Child Lock - Enables you to put a security code into your television to restrict what your children watch
- Composite Video Input - A connection to link TV's and DVD players
- Contrast Ratio - 30,000:1 Contrast Ratio is the difference between the brightest whites and darkest blacks. A higher ratio, means a better range of colours.
- Dolby Digital Plus - Dolby Digital audio technology ensures you experience premium sound, whatever content you watch.
- Energy Star Approved - Energy Star is a symbol for energy efficiency, to save money and the environment with energy-efficient products.
- EPG - EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) tells you what programmes are on each day, a brief description and allows you to set reminders.
- HDMI Input - 2 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a connection to transfer digital data from your equipment to your TV
- Motion Pattern Noise Reduction - This feature detects moving images and adjusts the picture to eliminate noise, giving you a cleaner, sharper picture.
- Scart Sockets - 1 A Scart lead is used to connect a television to analogue audiovisual equipment. As HD popularity continues to grow, HDMI cables are rapidly replacing Scart connections
- Off Timer - Allows you set a time for your TV to automatically turn off.
- PC Input - With a PC input you can connect your PC or laptop to your TV with a VGA cable.
- Picture Overscan - This function stretches the image to ensure the picture covers the entire screen.
- HD Ready 720p HD Ready TVs have images made up of 720 lines, giving much better quality than TVs of old which only had 480 lines.
- Rated Power Consumption - 150W The maximum continuous power that your TV handle.
- Refresh Rate - 50Hz Measured in Hertz, the frequency of which the image on screen is refreshed.
- Response Speed - 8ms The lower the speed in milliseconds, the better the response rate and the sharper the image.
- Screen Aspect - 16 : 9 Widescreen This describes your screen shape as a ratio of width to height
- Screen size - 32 inch Screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner.
- Speaker System - Stereo This feature describes the speaker configuration for each TV.
- Standby Power Consumption - 1W The amount of power the TV uses when left on standby mode.
- Swivel Angle - ±15° The degree to which you can adjust the viewing angle of your TV.
- USB Port - 1 USB port allows selected media to be enjoyed on a TV from a USB source, for example viewing photos stored on a USB memory stick.
- Video Noise Reduction - This feature ensures a smooth and polished image when watching television.
- Wall Mountable - This television is suitable to be displayed on a wall using a wall mount.

Toshiba 32BV501B LCD TV

Toshiba 32BV501B is currently offered in many stores for around 350$ which is an amazing price. In UK Toshiba 32BV501B is on sale for £200 which is a real bargain considering this TV features and performance... it's a 32-inch LCD HD ready TV after all.

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