Facebook prepares for hacker attacks

Anonymous Hacker Group announced cyber attack against Facebook

The biggest social network in the world prepares for future hacker attacks. The Anonymous Hacker Group announced that it is going to break into Facebook's web property and probably shut the site down.
This may seem a very difficult task as some of the biggest Internet experts are working for Facebook, but Anonymous Hacker Group is well known for its abilities to hack even the most secure websites in the world. Just few years ago they performed the biggest security breach in FBI databases.
It looks like there are some cyber wars going on recently as last week one of the most visited sites in the world was shut down by the American authorities and New Zealand's police. The file sharing site MegaUpload was getting bigger and bigger every day until it was shut down few days ago when its founder Kim Dotcom was arrested in his luxury mention in New Zealand.
Facebook prepares for hacker attacks
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