Samsung PL120 camera review

Samsung PL120 digital camera review
Features and specifications of the compact digital camera Samsung PL120
Samsung PL120 review
Samsung PL120 review. Samsung PL120 is a 14MP cheap digital camera with 26mm wide angle lens which offers some interesting and unique features. For instance it has two LCD screens - one 1.5-inch on the front of the camera and a bigger 2.7-inch on the back. The front display of course is good for making self photos, portraits and stuff like that. The bigger back display is good enough for viewing your photos and videos even in direct sunlight.
Samsung PL120 has 5x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. That is more than enough for most users and lets not forget this is quite a cheap device after all.
Samsung PL120 can record 720p HD videos with sound.
Here is a sample HD video captured with the PL130:
Samsung PL120 video test

Actually the quality of the recorded videos is quite good as is the sound. You can even zoom in and out while recording without any crazy from the device. Samsung PL120 leaves overall good impressions in this category.
Samsung PL120 has some additional extras like 50 different scene modes including Intelligent scene mode.
The price - Samsung PL120 costs somewhere around £60-70 (in UK) but you can find even better deals on this one as it isn't the most popular among compact digital cameras.