Audi Q3 test drive and review

Audi Q3 test drive and review

2012 Audi Q3

Today at For consumers we are going to take a look at the newest SUV by Audi - the all new Q3. It is the smallest in Audi's SUV model line and it best fits in urban environment. Actually Audi Q3 is much more of a crossover than an off-roader. The Q3 is build on VW Golf/ Tiguan platform in Martorell, Spain.
In terms of looks Audi Q3 design language is not much different from the bigger Q5 and Q7 but there are some interesting styling features that can be found in the new A6 and the new A1 as well.

Audi Q3 will be powered by two diesel and two petrol engines producing from 170 up to 210 hp.
The new Audi crossover will be offered in in both front-wheel drive, and a quattro version.
Transmission options will include 6-speed manual and a 7-speed S tronic (dual-clutch DSG).

Audi Q3 test drive - video

Audi Q3 price - base models will start from £25,000 but top of the line models will reach well over £30,000

Here is the official price list for Audi Q3 (provided by Audi UK)

Audi Q3 price list

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