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2012 GMC Terrain review

2012 GMC Terrain test drive and review - check out the all new SUV by GM

2012 GMC Terrain 

In this review we are going to show you the front-wheel drive version of the 2012 GMC Terrain SUV. It achieves better fuel economy and has lower price tag than the all-wheel drive model.
The GMC Terrain is a relatively small SUV but it offers great interior space so it is good enough for long trips with a lot of luggage. The towing capacity of this SUV is good as well.
For 2012 GM has made some minor design changes for the Terrain and now it looks sportier and modern.
With the new FlexFuel system your GMC Terrain SLT is more budget friendly than ever before.
There is plenty of competition in this price segment and strong competitors like the Ford Edge, Honda CRV and some others will make it very difficult for the GMC Terrain but considering the improved fuel economy and the low price for the base models this SUV may become a real successor.

2012 GMC Terrain review - video


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