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Audi A1 test drive and review

Audi A1 test drive and review

Audi A1 has a modern cool profile

Audi A1 is one of the newest members in Audi's model family. It is a compact vechicle which will compete against other stylish small cars like the Mini, Fiat 500 and Alfa Romeo MiTo.
Audi A1 has the distinctive looks of most Audi cars but there are new design features that make it a bit different from what we've seen so far. The car has a profile similar to the one of a Fiat 500 but the A1 looks more muscular and settled than the Italian.
Audi A1 has very ellegant and functional interior with some typical for Audi design elements like the air vents and some other elements on the dash.
Audi A1 is offered with plenty of engine choices - four petrol and three diesel. The 1.2 TFSI is the smallest of all and the biggest and most powerful are the 2.0 TFSI and the 2.0 TDI.


These engines ar coupled with either a 5-speed manual or 6 and 7-speed autoamtic gearboxes.
All engines will feature the eco friendly start-stop system and energy recuperation system.
The price of the A1 is a bit too high considering its size but it is not any small car, it's a modern and funcional part to your lifestyle. Depending on the model the A1 reaches prices of more than 20,000 Euro.

Audi A1 test drive and review - video