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Toshiba 32SL415 TV review

Toshiba 32SL415 LED TV review - price, features and specs of the 32-inch Toshiba 32SL415

Toshiba 32SL415 is a 32-inch LCD TV with 720p HD picture at 60Hz screen refresh rate.
The 32SL415 features ultra-slim design and plenty of useful features that make this TV a great home TV and multimedia device.

One of those great features is the built-in WiFi adapter that allows the Toshiba 32SL415 to easily connect with other wireless enabled devices. This TV can also connect through your home LAN network because it is equipped with RJ45 Ethernet port. Toshiba 32SL415 also has two USB ports that allow different media playback - video, music and photos.

And while talking about the connection features of this TV we should definitely mention the Composite A/V and Component video jacks. Four HDMI ports are also on board. Basically this TV has it all.

The audio output if the 32SL415 LED TV is very good. The two 7W stereo speakers produce nice and clear sound and they don't lack bass. That is all thanks to the Audyssey EQ Sound which corrects audio playback using several hundred measuring points to achieve improved sound.

Toshiba 32SL415 also features couple of useful systems like the DynaLight which automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content.

The Toshiba 32SL415 is relatively compact in size (considering it is a 32-inch TV). It measures 30.53" x 18.86" x 1.38" (W x H x D) without stand.

Toshiba 32SL415 LED TV is very competitively priced. You can find this TV in tech stores for around $540 and some online stores offer great discounts on it. Having in mind all the good features we mentioned and the good price make this Toshiba LCD TV quite a good deal.