2013 Mercedes A-Class review

2013 Mercedes A-Class review

Test drive and video review of the all new 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

2013 Mercedes A-Class test drive and review. We are going to take a closer look at the all new Mercedes-Benz A-class which is completely redesigned and with plenty of new technological features.
2013 Mercedes A-Class front view
2013 Mercedes A-Class front view
As you will see the new 2013 Mercedes A-class has new looks which are completely different from the previous generation of this model. Now the car sits lower and has similar looks to the slightly bigger B-class. Other than that the A-class remains a small vehicle which will suit best urban places and heavy city traffic.
With those looks and with the improved dynamics the all new A-class will face its biggest rival from BMW - the 1-series which is very similar in shape and size but the Bavarian will have the advantage of BMW's driving dynamics.
2013 Mercedes A-Class
2013 Mercedes A-Class rear
The interior of the 2013 Mercedes A-class has also improved significantly. Now it feels much more upmarket and luxurious. The dash is dominated by the iPad styled info-display, very similar to the one in the 1-series BMW. The classic circle air vents are an interesting design feature that makes the interior look more stylish, just like in an Italian car.
2013 Mercedes A-Class
2013 Mercedes A-Class interior view
As for the engines and transmissions there will be many changes that will make the new A-class more dynamic and more fuel efficient than ever before. Of course small diesel models will be the most popular choices as this is a small car after all. A mild hybrid will also take part in Mercedes green line of engines.
All so far is good news but try to order the new A-class with all features and options and here comes the surprise. No matter this is the smallest vehicle in Mercedes range its price is definitely not small at all.
So is the new Mercedes A-class going to be a success... well may be, considering the brand still has strong positions in the luxury car segment but we do not expect it to overcome other luxury minis like the BMW 1-series or Audi A3.

2013 Mercedes A-Class review - video

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