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Samsung Galaxy S III camera and video capture

Samsung Galaxy S III camera and video capture
How to shoot FULL HD videos with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HX Mod

Samsung Galaxy S III HD video mod
Samsung Galaxy S III camera

Samsung Galaxy S III camera and video capture - Samsung Galaxy S III managed to show us that it is capable of recording high quality images and video, but there is always room for more improvement, especially when they engage with professionals. Like hyperX, we know with many additional enhancements to the software on Samsung Omnia HD and Galaxy S II. Now it comes modification that allows recording 1080p video at 30 Mbit with 192 kbit audio. Moreover available are 24 Mbit and 19 Mbit bitrate at 1080p mode, plus 19 Mbit, 15 Mbit and 10 Mbit bitrate resolution shooting in 720p.
In the other also captures 192 kbit sound. hyperX still tries to add a record at 60fps, but so far without success.

Samsung Galaxy S III white
Samsung Galaxy S III
Among other changes are an opportunity to start the camera during a call option for taking pictures during recording using buttons to control volume. Removed is the restriction of Samsung, which prevents the launch of the chamber, where there are less than 15% of battery capacity. To install the modification, you will need root access to the filesystem on my phone.

Samsung Galaxy S III with HX Mod:
1080p superfine: 30 Mbit / fine: 24 Mbit / normal = 19 Mbit
720p superfine: 19 Mbit / fine: 15 Mbit / normal: 10 Mbit
- 192 kbit Audio for all res.
- Battery mod / start Camera below 15 %
- Start camera while on CALL
- “VOLUME DOWN/UP” to shot a photo

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