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DGM T-703 7-inch Android tablet

Price, features and specifications of the 7-inch Google Android tablet DGM T-703

DGM T-703

DGM T-703 tablet review - DGM T-703 is a cheap, lightweight Android tablet with 7-inch capacitive touchscreen and a fast 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor.

The cheap Android tablet invasion made many manufacturers rush into this market without any preparation at all. That is one of the reasons why we have so many unsuccessful cheap Android tablet on the market today. There are plenty of examples where the tablets mentioned are usable for a month or so.

The DGM T-703 is one of the tablets that we cannot say for sure it is more reliable than the rest in this price range but you definitely cannot expect a lot from a device that costs less than £70.
As I already mentioned DGM T-703 has 1.2GHz single-core processor and 512MB of RAM. The space for storage is 4GB and it could be extended up to 32GB with an additional microSD card.
DGM T-703 tablet
DGM T-703 tablet back side

Connectivity options of the DGM T-703 tablet include WiFi connection so browsing the net is OK with this one. Other interfaces included: Mini USB, Mini HDMI (supports HD video playback on your LCD TV), headphone jack.

A nice feature for such a cheap tablet is the built-in 0.3M pixels camera.

The battery is 3000mAh Li Polymer and will be good for few hours of work.

The operating system is the well known Google Android 4.0 .

Dimensions(WxHxD mm): 197 x 118 x 10.5 mm

Weight: 0.32Kg