Finlux 32-inch 3D TV review

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Finlux 32-inch 3D TV review

Price, features and specifications of the 32-inch 3D TV Finlux 32H7020-D

Finlux 32H7020-D 3D TV review – in case you are in the search of an affordable 3D TV you should definitely check this 32-inch LED TV by Finlux.

Finlux 32-inch 3D TV
Finlux 32H7020-D 3D TV

This brand offers many different products at very low prices and usually the quality is good. The 32H7020-D 3D TV offers picture in 720p HD resolution and the chance to experience the real 3D movie experience in your home. The refresh rate of the Finlux 32H7020-D is quite low, just 50Hz.

Finlux 32H7020-D also offers some interesting features like the built-in PVR function which enables you to Rewind, Pause and Record TV directly onto any USB plug-and-play flash drive, or USB hard drive. This TV comes with Freeview tuner as well.
The media interfaces in the 32H7020-D include 2x HDMI ports and USB-in which allows you movie and music playback.
Finlux 32H7020-D is also wall mountable so you can easily fix it wherever you like.
The dimensions of the TV are H:556 x W:783 x D:187 mm.
Usually this 32-inch 3D LED TV comes with pair of 3D glasses.
The lowest price you can find the 32H7020-D is around £200 which makes it one of the cheapest 32-inc 3D TVs on the market.

Finlux 32H7020-D 3D TV 
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  1. In my particular case the 3d never worked…u get what u paid for..:-(

  2. Likewise, bought on ebay, so much crosstalk on 3D setting whilst using new LG Bluray 3D DVD player. Compatibility issues? Awaiting response from Finlux.

  3. 3D TV under £500 can't be any good 🙂 you are quite right about that – you get what you paid for.

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