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LG 32CS460 LCD TV review

LG 32CS460 LCD TV review
Price, features and specifications of the 32-inch LCD TV LG 32CS460

LG 32CS460 LCD TV review - this affordable 32-inch HD Ready TV has native resolution of 1366x768 pixels. It comes with some picture technologies that make the viewing experience better on a 32-inch TV.
The incredible clarity and vibrant colors offer much better picture quality than standard definition TVs. The 100 motion clarity index (MCI 100) helps for the clear picture without blurring and fast motion activities will appear bright and clear.
LG 32CS460 also has good connectivity options including 2x HDMI ports and a USB 2.0.
The sound in this TV is provided by the two 5W stereo speakers which will not blow you away but they are good enough for daily use and of course you can always connect this TV to your 5.1 (or higher) home cinema speakers. The sound features in LG 32CS460 TV include Dolby MS10, Infinite Surround and Clear Voice 2.
LG Intelligent Sensor technology automatically finds the optimal brightness, sharpness, colour and contrast picture settings to enhance the picture quality and reduce power consumption.
The price for this affordable TV varies around £200 which is quite a good deal considering all the good features of the LG 32CS460 LCD TV.

LG 32CS460 LCD TV review 

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