MID 1040 tablet review

Features and specs of the Epad MID 1040 Android 2.2 tablet

Epad MID 1040 tabletMID 1040 tablet review - MID 1040 is a 10.1-inch Android 2.2 tablet with 1.2GHz processor.
MID 1040 has a nice bright 10.1" display with 1024x600 resolution. Its visibility angles are good and colors appear vivid and with nice brightness and contrast.

The hardware performance of the MID 1040 tablet is provided by the 1.2GHz Cortex-A9 processor, which has a single core configuration and 2D/3D Graphics hardware acceleration.
Unfortunately MID 1040 comes with just 512MB of DDR2 RAM which is just not enough for a modern tablet but lets not forget this is quite an affordable device.

The space for storage in MID 1040 is 4GB and it can be expended with optional microSD card (up to 32GB).

Connection options include 802.11b/g/n WiFi, HDMI port and Mini USB port. One interesting feature is that this tablet supports Full HD 1080p HDMI output, so that you can easily connect it to your home HDTV and enjoy quality HD content on the big screen.
3G is available with additional external dongle.
Multimedia features include a built-in front facing camera with mic as well as 3.5 headphone jack.
As a fully functioning Android 2.2 device the MID 1040 tablet can use some of the many apps in the Android market.

The price for this capable device is quite low. MID 1040 tablet can be found in online tech stores for as low as $130.

MID 1040 tablet dimensions: 2.75cm × 1.78cm × 1.5cm