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Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T review

Price, features and specs of the Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T tablet computer

Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T
Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T review - today at Test and Review I am going to take a closer look at one of the better portable computing solutions. Unlike most regular tablets the Series 7 Slate tablets offer the full functionality of a laptop in a relatively compact size. The best thing about Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T is that it doesn't use any version of the smartphone operating systems which aren't that good for advanced users but has a fully featured Windows 7 OS.

As thin and light as a tablet but with the functions of a notebook, the Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T allows the user to take advantage of the familiar interface and full productivity of Windows 7. Its 64 GB hard drive, hardened glass 11.6-inch (29-cm) screen, and Wi-Fi connectivity allow the Samsung Slate to do anything a laptop can, but the Slate 700T has the advantage of a highly responsive touch screen with either finger control or full size stylus.

Weighing just 890 g, the Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T is not much heavier than an iPad, but its attractive, burnished metal lines encase a quad-core Intel Core i5-2467M processor and full 4 GB of RAM. And for lightning quick start up, the Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T uses solid state memory, which helps explain its sylph like 12.9-mm thickness.

Samsung Series 7 Slate
Samsung Series 7 Slate ports and indicators

The SuperBright display of the Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T gives outstanding picture quality, yet with power management the Samsung Slate manages to run for over 6 hours on a single charge. Complete with full size USB 2, Bluetooth V3.0, a microSD card slot, and Micro HDMI, but measuring just 29.15 cm x 18.1 cm x 12.9 mm, the Slate 700T is a full-sized PC in a surprisingly small package.

Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T price varies around $1000 and $1500 for the 128GB model (around £700 and £900 in UK).

Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T review - video

Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T specs:
  • Processor manufacturer: Intel
  • Processor speed: 1.6 GHz
  • Display size: 11.6in (29.46 cm)
  • Hard drive capacity: 64GB
  • Expandability: micro SD Slot
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Internet connectivity: WiFi
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions
  • Width: 29.6 cm (11.66")
  • Depth: 1.3 cm (0.5")
  • Weight: 0.9 kg (1.96 lb.)

Thanks for checking my Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T review, I hope you found the information useful.

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