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Windows 8 OS now officially in Eastern Europe

Windows 8 operating system has finally arrived in Eastern Europe

Windows 8 in Eastern Europe

Windows 8 OS comes with a new version of the browser Internet Explorer - the tenth. It is available in two versions - the classic desktop and other specially designed to work with touch screens.

An important novelty is the version of Windows RT, which is available only as a pre-installed on computers and tablets with ARM processors.

RT offers preinstalled Office suite, but under its management will be able to work the old programs for Windows, but only applications specifically written for the new interface Modern UI.

However, RT provides the advantage to work in smaller and lighter devices, as well as a longer battery life.

In contrast to her other - and the basic version, called simply Windows 8 provides full compatibility with old software. Own it will be available in dva main options - Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Pro includes all the features of Windows 8, but also has advanced features for encryption, virtualization management, computer and more.

For large business organizations is designed  Windows 8 Enterprise, which provided new opportunities in terms of mobile productivity with features like Windows To Go, DirectAccess and BranchCache, and better security with features such as BitLocker and AppLocker.
In our preliminary except as installation
Windows 8 comes with an attractive option to upgrade:
by the end of January 2013 customers who have PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 can purchase and download online Windows 8 Pro for an estimated retail price lev 58.66 (equivalent to 29.99 euros).

Users with Windows 7 computers purchased between June 2nd, 2012 and January 31, 2013 in over 140 countries around the world can download Windows 8 Pro price of 29.32 lev

More about innovations in Windows 8 General Manager says "Microsoft" for Central and Eastern Europe Takuya Hirano.

- You say "the new face of Windows" ("Windows reimagined"). So is there a big change?

- There are different ways of saying it. The first Windows product was a great influence, Windows 95 - too. And then, I think Windows 8 is the third such product.

The technology is based on Windows 7 - greatly improved, but not compromised user experience. Basically we try to combine the digital lifestyle style work in the digital age.
Behold, I am a typical user, I am not technical guru. Stop using the keyboard because I can work while I walk, I can do several things at once. I have hundreds of applications, but the home screen stand those who use the most: behold, these are for my work email, calendar, tasks with ... live tiles and show what happens - for the last two hours I have 54 letters, you have to catch up with them. I have a business application, news ... Responsible for 24 states, I need information by country.

Whole new interface is very different from what it was, but it is easy to connect with people.

I have four kids, so I have games - can only say that they are not for me but for my children ... As a consumer product "Microsoft" and the next test version of the Office. And besides, I have the classic desktop.

Here's what I mean when I say connect the digital lifestyle with the style of work in the digital age. We try to meet the needs of the market - there is a complete unit. I think this is the idea of  Windows 8.

- Windows 8 looks and works very well on tablets. But how is a normal laptop or desktop computer?

- Good work. I have two machines - this tablet and normal computer that use Windows 8 last 6-7 months. So ...

- But the change of the interface is significant. There are users accustomed to the mouse and keyboard ... Do not you think that these new OS will look weird?

- Recently asked me: "Will you mouse away? Either keyboard?" Unless someone not as thin as a supermodel fingers will not disappear ... Just kidding! With fingers is easy and intuitive. But when it comes to business, on-screen keyboard is not enough. The mouse is needed when working with Excell. The same goes for the work of designers and architects - you need precision, fingers are not a good option.
Intuitive operation interefeysa a priority - work by touch or by voice. But I do not think the keyboard will disappear. Windows 8 offers both opportunities.

- Speaking aloud, Windows 8 Can work with voice commands?

- You, yes.

- You said that Windows 8  builds on  the technical level of Windows 7, in terms of stability?

- Yes. You mean Windows 8 and the business? About compatibility is a key concept. No problem, almost painless switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8 - mostly because Windows 8 relies on the technology of its predecessor.

- Windows XP is still very popular here ...

- Great Product!

- But it's pretty old. And Windows 7 is three years. Will you sell it?

- For Windows XP, first I think there is a huge return on investment - used 14 years! Windows 8 is based on Windows 7, so I think that consumers should not only look at the new interface and new features, but the base - as security. There are always new threats, it is better to use the most advanced technology. But it is a matter of preference of the client.

- What is the most important feature of the new Windows? Compatibility, security, speed, capacity for integrated online services ...?

- I will answer with a yes, yes, yes and yes. Windows 8 was tested in 127 countries. We received lots of feedback which is important. I think that security is the main thing that is required

But also important are the new devices, the cloud, intuitive interface ... Also the possibility for customization. And the connectivity between people: here's an example - read the article, clicking on the "share" and voila.

Important and increasing productivity. People want more, we can not compromise.

- You said that the new Windows is seriously tested. When Windows 7 came out, he was named the most tested product "Microsoft" before its release.

- Windows 8 breaks records. Preliminary version was downloaded over 16 million times - so it becomes the most tested version of Windows to date.

Windows 8 creates many opportunities for developers to create their own applications (applications, apps). This is a big difference with Windows 7. There was Windows Store. There are now a variety of applications from all over the world. There are hundreds of thousands of developers. In  Windows Store now has many applications.

- It seems that applications are now the "new gods", they are very important part of the entire ecosystem: Windows 8,  Windows Store, and even devices like Surface. How do you plan to develop it?

- "Microsoft" are always appreciated developers and their communities. We develop many different programs, organize events for them, so there is nothing new. These are efforts that continue. In preparation for the launch of Windows 8 had organized many such events.

We have more than 400 thousand developers who have participated in more than 800 special events organized in 87 countries. In September 2012 more than 2500 developers set a record of "Guinness" and participated in the marathon for programmers - Windows AppFest in Bangalore, India. I had to write applications 18 hours non-stop.

Now in Bulgaria is similar to "hack run" - "hakaton."

This is just a small example. There are many developers that communicating over the years. Before Windows 8 had many events to encourage them. This trend will continue.

- Windows 8 is a single platform for all devices. This is new. Why?

- The way you use your computer changes over time. Before the goal was one computer for everyone. Now we have smartphones, the second computer, even our car is almost computer. You can now use one device in the day, when you have another home - and if you log in all your stuff will be there. This integration will be much easier if one platform. The environment is changing, we - well. We provide a uniform user experience.

- If we talk about simplicity, it is necessary to the new Windows is available in two versions -  RT and Windows 8 ? What are the goals of the two options?

- First we give customers a choice. RT provides certain advantages in terms of size and weight of the devices. Depends on customer preferences, this is the main reason.

And the price - the option to upgrade ends in January. The price it is quite acceptable for a product company - about $ 40? What will happen next?

The price certainly is strategically determined. I hope that the company will set prices that are attractive. Windows 7 was the best-selling Windows and I think Windows 8 will maintain this trend, so the price must be right.

And the new Windows 8:

Whether you prefer a tablet PC or if you want to create content, work or entertain - Windows 8 offers a personalized experience that meets the specific style and requirements of each one of us said George amr, CEO of "Microsoft Bulgaria" .

"I believe that Windows 8 will provide new opportunities for people to use information technology.'ll Expand your reach.'s Why we tried first the Bulgarian market with the widest range of models commercially available," says Daniel Valkov manager Acer to Bulgaria.

"Samsung e first company to offer a full range of devices specifically optimized for Windows 8." Microsoft "is our ally in the idea to provide the best smart experience.

Our extensive experience in design and technology combined with the intuitive features of Windows 8 offer consumers a device that will help them to be productive in their work or to enjoy at home, "said Shakir Ahmedov IT division manager in the Bulgarian branch of Samsung Electronics.

"Leading up to our newest  VAIO products  are bright and fast touchscreen managed 10 points of contact simultaneously, using the advantages of the Windows 8 operating system," said Masato and Nakano, VP "Networking products" to "Sony Europe Limited" .

We are entering a historical transition from the PC era to the new era of cloud where each device should be intuitive, mobile and adaptive, highlights Johnny Shih, chairman of  ASUS.