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Opel Adam test drive and review

Opel Adam test drive and review - features, specifications and video review of the charming small car Opel Adam

Opel Adam front brown
Opel Adam review
Opel Adam review - when it was first announced this 3-door hatchback was a bit of a surprise for us and a bit strange that Opel decided to name such a small vehicle after the great name of the company's founder Adam Opel. Probably many Opel enthusiasts who expected some kind of super car for this occasion will be a bit disappointed.

 But Opel Adam can't be called a disappointment at all. This small charming city car drove so much attention to it that it was actually the best presented car for Opel at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. That is where we had our first meeting with the car. There were literally at least 10 different versions of the small Adam there, in different exterior and interior colors and modifications. This variety of colors and designs was really stunning.

Opel Adam front side
Opel Adam in awesome combination of colors
Opel Adam back side
Opel Adam rear side
Opel Adam front
Yellow Opel Adam with black grill and rims
2013 Opel Adam review
Opel Adam side in green and white
Opel Adam blue
Opel Adam in a combination of blue and white top
Opel Adam front cherry
The cherry Opel Adam with white elements
The exterior of the small Adam is similar to the one of lets say a Fiat 500 or Audi A1 but has typical Opel design elements. The overall result is very good and leaves the impression of one of these small expensive boutique cars that you see on Paris avenues. 

The front looks sporty but not too aggressive so it will suit both man and women. 

The rear of the car is dominated by Opel's boomerang tail lights and a wide trunk opening. This boomerang form can be also found in the front daylight running LED lights.

Opel Adam's interior feels very roomy and all the instruments are easy to reach and use. The dashboard is also quite fashionable and is probably more on the feminine side but in that case is not a bad thing.
Opel Adam steering wheel
Opel Adam steering wheel
Opel Adam interior
Ope Adam instrument panel
At first Opel Adam will be powered by 1.2 or 1.4 petrol engines coupled with 5-speed manual gearbox. The power output for these starts from 51 kW (70 PS) up to 74 kW (100 PS) for the most powerful version. Later next year new direct-injection engines and automatic transmission will be presented for this small hatchback. Opel are also planning a hybrid powertrain for Adam in early 2014.

So, our overall impressions with the Opel Adam are very good. It is a small city car with plenty of modification options which definitely makes it more charismatic and desirable. But Opel Adam will have to face tough competitors like the Fiat 500, Audi A1 and of course the Citroen DS3. 
All of them are very good cars but we are positive about the Adam's success.