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One million page views and counting

For consumers blog reached more than one million page views

one million page views

One million page views - it is one of those moments that make you proud of your work and what you do. People often need an obvious proof of the results that follow the months of hard work, that is what keeps us going on and on and on...
one million views

So how did it all started? Well the idea of making a consumer blog seemed pretty reasonable as I myself (the owner) am a pretty active consumer and already had plenty of experience in this field. Global markets are expanding every day and new brands are flooding the consumer's mind with more and more info. It is very hard nowadays to make a clear decision if something is worth buying or not. And here is the time for people like us to help. And don't get me wrong, we won't make your mind into getting or forgetting about a specific product, we will just give you the hints - what is the thing you are interested in all about.
Some of you may say one million page views are not a big deal. That can't be correct if these are achieved for less than a year with just few great tools in hand - quality information provided through good copywriting.
One thing that I am sure needs to be improved in the next few months ( it will, you can count on me) is the way the useful information is served to the customers. In the modern technology era media is almost everything - high quality images and videos are a must for every serious web business.
What's to come? We have few things in mind but we will focus on more popular and better targeted products that will reach a wider range of customers.
We thank YOU. I would like to thank all of our visitors, Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers.

I hope you really like our consumer electronics reviews, tablet reviews, PC and laptop computer reviews, TV reviews, digital camera reviews, car test drives, price charts and comparisons etc.
OK, that's enough talking, I'm be going back to work and remember you are always welcome at our consumer blog, please rate, share and comment and be well.

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