Finlux 32H6020-D 32-inch LED TV specifications

Finlux 32H6020-D 32-inch LED TV price and specifications

Finlux 32H6020-D review
Finlux 32H6020-D 32-inch LED TV
Finlux 32H6020-D is an affordable 32-inch HD LED TV with Freeview tuner. This TV is offered quite cheap for under £200 (currently £169.99 at Finlux UK store at eBay).

We reviewed the Finlux 32H7020-D which has almost the same specs as the 32H6020-D but also offers 3D. We didn't hear any good words for the 32H7020-D but it was mainly because of the poor 3D experience it offers. But we can't judge those devices too harshly as they are way cheaper than the premium brand TVs with similar features and specifications. 
Here is a list with the main specifications of the Finlux 32H6020-D 32-inch LED TV:
Screen type:  LED
Screen size: 32-inch
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
Refresh rate: 50Hz
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Screen Resolution: 720p
Digital Tuner Freeview
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
HDMI Ports: 2
USB Ports: 1
Scart Inputs: 
Sound output: 12W
Built-in Digital Tuner - Freeview tuner
Dimensions (with Stand) W783 x H187 x D556mm
Dimensions (without Stand) W783 x H94.5 x D513.5mm

As you can see what the Finlux 32H6020-D is pretty basic but considering the low price tag this looks like a good budget TV.

You can also take a look at the one nice budget Smart TV - Finlux 40F8030-T Smart LED TV.

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