Finlux 40F6050 cheap 40-inch Full HD LED TV

Specifications and review of the Finlux 40F6050 cheap 40-inch Full HD LED TV

Finlux 40F6050 Full HD LED TV
Finlux 40F6050 40-inch Full HD TV presented by Test and Review

Finlux 40F6050 is one of the cheapest Full HD TVs that you can find in UK these days. But the fact that it is quite cheap doesn't mean this TV should be underrated. Actually the Finlux 40F6050 has plenty to offer.

First of all I am going to start with the looks of the TV. The 40F6050 is quite compact for a 40-inch TV and that is because it is quite thin and the frame of the TV is also quite small which makes it look smaller than it is.  Actually the 40F6050 is part of the Slimline Finlux TVs.

But enough about the looks, now lets talk about the functionality and the main features of this TV. 
Finlux 40F6050 is a Full HD 1080p LED TV with resolution of 1080x1920 and contrast ratio of 5000:1. The brightness of 350 cd/m2 is OK for a TV of this size.

One of the most useful features of the Finlux 40F6050 is the integrated Freeview tuner. Another useful feature is the PVR function which will allow you to record (pause and rewind) TV programs directly on a USB memory device. Finlux 40F6050 has two USB ports on board. 
Finlux 40F6050 also has very good connection options including 2x HDMI ports, 2x SCART inputs and few other ports.

As you can see the Finlux 40F6050 is pretty well equipped and for the price of around £280 it is definitely one of the good 40-inch TV deals. 

Finlux 40F6050 dimensions: W956 x H203 x D451mm (with stand)

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