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Vidin-Calafat Danube bridge - opening ceremony, taxes and fees info

Vidin-Calafat Danube bridge now fully functioning - info about the opening ceremony, taxes and fees

Vidin-Calafat bridge
Vidin-Calafat Danube bridge
Vidin and Calafat are connected by a brand new bridge over Danube river which is now fully functioning. The opening ceremony took place on the Bulgarian side of the bridge and was attended by thousands of excited Vidin citizens and many international guests. The infrastructure project on the Bulgarian side includes design and construction of a combined (road and railway) bridge with four road lanes, one single railway track, a bicycle lane and two pavements for pedestrians and services, construction of the adjoining road and railway infrastructure which covers: new railway freight station and 7 km of new railway line, reconstruction of the existing passenger station and construction of 7 new two-level road junctions. The bridge itself includes road, railway, walking and bicycle lane. On the Romanian side the project includes the construction of 5 km of new railway line, 5 km first class road and a terminal station for joint border control and automobile transport toll charging.

Vidin-Calafat Danube bridge grand opening - video

Cars passing over the bridge will have to pay 6 Euro fee, cargo vehicles and trucks will pay between 15 and 27 Euro depending on the size and the load. Bicyclist and people passing on foot won't pay any taxes. 
Here is how the brand new Vidin-Calafat Danube bridge looks like:


Vidin-Calafat bridge is now officially the longest bridge over the Danube.