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New Samsung LED TVs for 2014

Check out some of the latest models which Samsung released in 2014

Samsung LED TVs for 2014
Today we have prepared for you a short list with the latest LED TVs which Samsung released or will release in 2014. Please note that we didn't include models from the UHD 4K TV, Plasma TV and OLED TV model lines but we listed examples from different size and price categories. Hopefully we will have some of these for in depth reviews so we will be able to give you more details on how these TVs perform in real world testing.

Probably first of all we should mention the exceptional  top of  the line H8000 series of curved LED panels with 48 (UN48H8000AFXZA), 55 (UN55H8000AFXZA) and 65 (UN65H8000AFXZA) -inch sizes.  These are some exceptional TV sets but also come quite expensive with prices of around $3000 for the 65-inch model. 

Next we should probably mention the H7100 and H7150 which offer enhanced performance with the help of quad-core processing and plenty of high-tech features and specs. Depending on the size prices for the H7100 and H7150 vary between $1300 and $4000 for the massive 75-inch screen. Models for the North American market: UN46H7150AFXZA, UN55H7150AFXZA, UN60H7150AFXZA, UN65H7150AFXZA, UN75H7150AFXZA, UN55H7100AFXZA, UN60H7100AFXZA, UN65H7100AFXZA.

Another new model line for 2014 is the H6300 series LED TVs. Here we have wide variety of sizes starting from the 48-inch UN48H6300AFXZA to the enormous 75-inch UN75H6300AFXZA.

We are also going to see new members in the H5500 series which is more budget friendly model line. All TV sets from this series will impress with simple, clean design and very fast quad-core processing. Sizes here start from the compact 32-inch UN32H5500AFXZA which is currently offered for just $400 and reach 50-inches UN50H5500AFXZA model. You can also get the 40-inch  UN40H5500AFXZA for $550-600 or the 48-inch UN48H5500AFXZA which will cost you around $750.

You can find more information, features and specifications about all these TVs at the official Samsung LED TVs page.

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