Hama Ultra Style bag for 13.3 inch ultrabooks

Price, specifications and review of the Hama Ultra Style bag for ultrabooks up to 13.3 inch

Hama Ultra Style 13.3 ultrabook
Hama Ultra Style bag for 13.3 inch ultrabooks

The Ultra Style bag from Hama that we will review today is really lightweight and comfortable and will secure your ultrabook very well. It can safely keep slim laptop computers with the size of up to 13.3 inches.

I personally wouldn't recommend using this Ultra Style bag for ultrabooks smaller than 12 inches as there is no holding mechanism in the main inner section of the bag and if you put there a smaller computer it will slide all the time and you will not feel it comfortable when carrying it around. The main compartment has dimensions of 33.5 x 23.5 x 2 so bigger laptops and notebooks just won't fit.
Hama Ultra Style bag

Hama Ultra Style 13.3

Hama Ultra Style bag inner
Hama Ultra Style bag main compartment

The 13.3 inch Hama Ultra Style bag is made of material called Polytex and in most locations it carries the service tag HAMA-101163. I have already tested the bag with the 12.5 inch Dell Latitude E7240 ultrabook and I have to say that it fits pretty nicely considering the smaller size of the computer.
HAMA-101163 Dell LatitudeHama Ultra Style bag 13.3 inch

Hama Ultra Style ultrabook bagbag for Dell Latitude E7240

The Ultra Style bag also has a very useful front pocket where you can place a charger or other accessories that may scratch your computer if held in the main compartment.

bag front pocket
bag front pocket

The back side of the bag has very soft padded material and is covered with fabric mesh which I really don't like as it makes the bag bigger but on the other hand it provides more protection for your valuable ultrabook.

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The 13.3 inch Hama Ultra Style bag costs around $20 which is considered cheaper than the average price in the segment.

 In conclusion,I would say that this price is a good one considering the quality of the bag which is very good and I will think it will be up to the job of keeping your ultrabook secure when carrying.