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Hama Ultra Style ultrabook bag after two weeks of use

Hama Ultra Style ultrabook bag tested for two weeks - our opinion and impressions

ultrabook bag
Hama Ultra Style ultrabook bag

It's been two weeks since I got the Hama Ultra Style ultrabook bag for my Dell Latitude E7240 and I wanted to share my impressions from this bag so far.

Basically this bag will do what it is designed for - protect your laptop and keep it safe as far as it is possible. This Hama bag is quite simple it has two compartments - main one which is entirely dedicated to your ultrabook and a front pocket where you can (hardly) fit a charger, USB flash memory and a wireless mouse - accessories that are all going to be in hand when using a laptop on the go.
One thing that I would change about this bag is its size - I would like it to be just a bit smaller and more compact so it could keep my 12.5 inch ultrabook more tidily. That is probably the reason why I am still looking at the sleeves that are offered for 13 inch laptops and will also fit my Dell.

Other than that the Hama Ultra Style ultrabook bag is pretty good and I don't have any major complaints about it and if I do I will make sure to update you.

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