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TouchWiz lag on powerful Samsung smartphones and phablets

TouchWiz interface lags even on Samsung smartphones and phablets with very powerful hardware

TouchWiz interface lag
TouchWiz interface lag

I always knew that the TouchWiz interface takes plenty of the hardware resources of Smasung's smartphones and that is why I've been avoiding them and using pure Android on devices like those from the Nexus series. The strange thing is that Samsung smartphones got better and better with very high hardware resources but still the same problem appears - they lag in most operations in the menu and that is something that I find quite annoying.

The latest feedback I got about this major problem is from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo which has hexa-core processor and 2GB of RAM which is considered quite good but still the phone lags when used for operations like browsing through the menus. This is a very big problem that Samsung should address very soon or many consumers will look for their next smartphone elsewhere. I think the best solution here is to just get rid of the TouchWiz interface, something that a lot of Samsung smartphone owners are doing now by converting to clean Android.

As an experienced Android user I can tell you that this mobile platform and it latest versions don't need any additional interface put on top, everything that you may need additionally can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store.

So that is our thoughts on this topic, hopefully Samsung will take into consideration what their customers think and will fix this soon.

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