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Divoom Bluetune-Solo v3 portable Bluetooth speaker

BLUETUNE SOLO V3 portable Bluetooth speaker test and consumer review

Divoom Bluetune-Solo v3 review
Divoom Bluetune-Solo v3

In today's review we will take a look at one of the best sellers in the portable Bluetooth speaker segment with short consumer test, product specifications and of course price of the Divoom Bluetune-Solo v3.

This compact wireless speaker produces very nice and clear sound and it is particularly loud, especially for a speaker of this size and price. And mentioning price reminded me that the Divoom Bluetune-Solo v3 is also quite affordable as it costs around $35-40 which is quite good for the performance features it has.

The speaker itself comes very well packaged in a nice plastic presentation box and it really adds to the good impression that we already have from this little sound device. You also get a nice protective sleeve for the Bluetune-Solo v3.

Here are couple more images of the speaker, the box and the sleeve:

Bluetune-Solo v3 sleeveDivoom Bluetune-Solo v3 speaker controls

Bluetune-Solo v3 box

Bluetune-Solo v3 bluetooth speakerDivoom Bluetune-Solo v3 sleeve

Our overall impression with the Divoom Bluetune-Solo v3 is very good. It delivers nice, clear sound and it comes at a very good price so I can definitely recommend you this portable Bluetooth speaker.

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