Sony KDL-60R510A 60 inch Full HD LED TV - price and specs

Price, specs and quick review of the Sony KDL-60R510A 60 inch Full HD LED  TV

Sony KDL-60R510A review
Sony KDL-60R510A 60 inch Full HD LED TV

Sony KDL-60R510A is one of the popular 60 inch LED TVs thanks to its 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and good refresh rate of 120Hz (Motionflow XR 240). You can't find many 60 inch panels for under $1000 especially from Sony and if you search harder you can even find it for around $800 (the lowest price seen in Walmart).
Sony KDL-60R510A has very simple design, with clean lines, without any specific design features typical for the more expensive Sony TVs. The frame of the TV is quite thin and therefore it doesn't affect the overall size and dimensions of the TV significantly. The KDL-60R510A is decided entirely in black plastic without any metal details added, just to keep the price as low as possible.

Unfortunately I can't share any additional details for this TV as we still haven't tested it but I promise to share the info once I get some feedback about it. Of course you can check the reviews at the official Sony page where customer give very positive comments about the 60 inch KDL-60R510A.

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