LG Leon - top choice for budget Android smartphone

LG Leon is one of the best budget smartphone offers these days

LG Leon reviewed We previously tested the LG Leon and our first impressions were pretty good. Actually, this phone happened to be our top pick for a budget smartphone for this year. It really packs a great set of features, without anything outstanding but all the basics are there and the design is good as well. As for the price, a smartphone that comes with built-in WiFi, GPS and IPS display and costs under $200, you just can't beat that kind of deal.

The Review

We already reviewed the Leon couple of weeks ago and I personally was really impressed with the good build quality (the phone itself is manufactured in China) and the overall feel from the device, it just was better than it's price sticker.

I also had couple of test devices that I didn't really need them after the reviews were done so I decided to place them in an auction site. They were literally 'eaten' couple of hours after I posted the ads. Probably it was because of the lower price that I placed or probably there is a huge interest with this smartphone.

Our conclusion after all is that the phone exceeds our expectations and left mostly positive impressions. Probably the only negative that I can think of right now is the form factor - the phone is just a bit too big for a modern smartphone, I am used to much tiny and slim phones. That might be a positive for some since the Leon is very easy to hold thanks to its bigger size.


Probably the biggest competitors for the Leon come from LG themselves. Smartphone like LG Fino and Bello are placed in the same price category as the Leon and they are also sold quite well, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. Of course there are some good competitors from other brands and probably Nokia, Lenovo and Samsung are those who offer the best value for money deals.

If you are interested in the LG Leon please also check the unboxing video we made couple of weeks ago.