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Amazon Underground is the new free app store for Android

Amazon now officially presented a new mobile application platform Android, which is called Underground

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In turn, it is the gateway with a diverse collection of free applications that are selected by her shop Amazon Appstore. The company also assured that they will not cost consumers anything and did not even include an option for additional purchases while working with them, reported TheVerge.

Amazon Underground will provide access to titles whose total value is over $ 10 thousand. If you need to install them from its official store. Thus, the company hopes to attract more attention of owners of smartphones and Android tablets to their applications. The new portal is also expected to eliminate the tedious process of installing their Appstore popular device platform.

To achieve this effect from Amazon worked closely with the developers themselves and have agreed to pay them every minute, which use their applications. That decision is the reason for all applications in the Underground are completely free for users. To be able to test its capabilities should visit the official website of the company and change its settings widget to allow the installation of the titles of "Unknown Developers".

Amazon Underground - video