The most popular TV sizes on the market today

Which are the most popular TV sizes?

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Nowadays, the TV market is expanding to a level where we would expect variety that is going to cover literally every taste. Some consumers find it very hard to choose their next TV as there are so many characteristics to consider and so many models to choose from. That's why we decided to initiate this small discussion on which are the most popular TV sizes on the market today.

32 inch LED TVs

This particular TV size is not very popular in North America but sells pretty well in Western Europe and most parts of Asia. Some of the popular choices for this particular size that we can recommend are marked in our Best performing 32-inch LED TVs article.

I would also recommend you to check this year's best seller Sony KDL32W705.

The 42 inch sized panels

Probably this is the most commonly sold TV size in the whole world. The 42 inch panels offer something good from both worlds - big screen TV while still remaining relatively compact in size. It is perfectly understandable why this TV size became so popular as it is suits almost all purposes and fits almost any room. If you want to see some of the best offers in this segment please check our 42 inch TV list. I personally prefer 40 inch LED TVs which are just a bit smaller but feel somehow more natural  and even easier to fit in smaller rooms. Unfortunately, the 40 inch size never got as popular as I hoped for but you still some great TVs of this size. 

47 inch TV

47 inch TVs are also very popular and would definitely put them among the top 5 sizes sold across the world. Probably panels starting form 47 inches and above can be considered big screen TV requiring more space than the average living room.

50 inches and above

These days tech stores offer bigger and bigger TVs as manufacturers want fill any gap left in that niche. Some consumers get overwhelmed by the size of their next TV an often purchase screens much bigger than they need. That's a pretty common mistake these days that's valid not only when selling TVs but almost any merchandise.

Do you think still these are the most popular TV sizes in 2019 or meanwhile things have changed?
Please let me know what is your honest opinion about the most preferred televisions on the market, I will be happy to hear your opinion.