BMW 7 Series 2016 - is it better than the S-Class?

Test drive and video review of the all new 2016 BMW 7 Series

The all new 2016 7 Series is already in BMW's dealerships and there is huge interest from luxury car buyers in that car. The biggest and most advanced Beemer ever produced from the Bavarian car manufacturer.

There's plenty of new technology implemented in the new 7 series but it still remains the sportiest big saloon which is why most people prefer it over the S-class. What makes a huge impression in the 2016 model is the interior with its fine materials and variety of extras and customization options that will suit almost any taste.
Of course driving dynamics is a huge priority for BMW cars and that's why there will be a tuned M version of the 7 series which will look and drive sportier than the stock model.

Here's a quick test drive and video review prepared by our friends from Carbuyer UK:

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You can also compare it with the outgoing generation 7 Series which achieved big success in BMW's sales.