Most wanted gifts for New Year

Short list with the some of the most desirable products on New Year's

Such list probably will vary depending on the location and few other important factors that will make you want a specific product. We will discuss just the most common ones that are popular in most parts of the world.

Sony PlayStation

Well, it makes sense the most popular gaming console in the world to be among the most desirable products in the world.


Another very popular gaming console.


Many people these days wish a big screen TV and most get it as the prices dropped significantly in the last couple of years and TV sets of over 42 inch became quite affordable.


Everyone wants a new smartphone, no matter if you already have one or not, there are always newer and better ones. iPhone, Samsung and LG are probably the most desired ones.

Vacation tickets

For me personally that is one of the best New Year's presents due to the fact that there are so many locations to choose from and it most certainly would be a surprise for those who receive it.


Pets are always fun, definitely a top choice for a New Year present.