Why Audi thinks Mercedes is outdated?

Funny and at the same time quite offensive ad of the new Audi A4 transforming from what is supposed to be the brand new but yet outdated Mercedes C-class  

There is no doubt that Audi and Mercedes are in a battle for the same customers but the way those brand target them is frankly quite awkward at times, especially in United States.

In the following video Audi is presenting their new A4 as much more technologically advanced in comparison with the latest generation C-class. So why would Audi think that Mercedes are not in par with the latest technology trends?

Some would say that Audi is just showing off with their latest tech implementations and gadgets but others may give it a much deeper thought. Mercedes got its reputation thanks to their innovative and technologically advanced vehicles that combined with long lasting reliability made this brand on top of car industry. Many people think that is not valid any more and Mercedes is hardly catching up with the competition. That might might not be entirely correct but there's definitely a trend that shows that Mercedes products are not as advanced as some might be expecting them to be.

Audi A4 "Touch" ad

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