Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 consumer video test and overview

Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 specifications, consumer video test and overview

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 consumer video test and overview
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart bracelet
The most significant upgrade to the second generation Mi Band is the presence of OLED display. It can be seen a lot of information unlike previous models that rely only on application for smartphones.

The new Mi Band you can check your heart rate, time, distance, calories burned, remaining battery in the device, etc. directly from the screen.

From inside Mi Band 2 also has improvements - a new hardware platform where the algorithm at the foot pod is a new and - effectively take into account whether you are walking or are at rest.

Thus, the accuracy of the enumeration of the steps is greatly improved. Moreover bracelet keeps alert for incoming calls and text messages to unlock the phone alarms 7 different types of reminders and all these details can be displayed on the screen. Xiaomi said to have made improvements in tracking the quality of sleep.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 consumer video test

Mi Band 2 comes with a new bracelet made of a material that does not irritate the skin. Furthermore, because there already screen, the company has decided to increase the battery capacity by 55%, which means that this fitness bracelet you can use up to 20 days on a single charge.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications

Here are the full specifications listed on Mi Band 2:
1 / 0.42-inch OLED display (scratch resistant) with low power consumption.
2 / Round button, which when clicked displays the time, heart rate, driven steps, etc.
3 / New algorithm in the reporting of the steps taken to improve the accuracy otbroyavenate them in the process of walking and not reported at rest.
4 / ADI Motion sensor, which measures the heart rate more effectively.
5 / Vibrating alert stuck in a place that reminds you to take a walk when left idle for a long time.
7 / More precisely record the quality of sleep, including deep sleep and light sleep.
8 / Show time or mileage steps the display when you move my hand.
9 / bracelet made of environmentally friendly material that does not irritate the skin.
10/7 g ultralight body.
11 / Unlock your smartphone by using the Mi Band 2.
12 / Flag vibration for calls and messages.
13 / Bluetooth 4.0 LE.
14 / IP67 waterproof and dustproof housing.
15 / New non-slip body.
16/20 days of battery life on a single charge.
17 / Renewed Mi Fit 2.0 app with optimized user interface that gives more statistics.
18 / black, blue, green and orange bracelet.

Price info

This Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart bracelet is actually quite cheap. It is offered at around $40-45 which is a great deal for such little and yet capable gadget.

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