New service on Twitter keeps our dearest memories

The new service on Twitter keeps my dearest memories

Twitter Moments image
Twitter "opened" their "Moments" (Memories) for selected users, influential brands or partners.

The company revealed that it has allowed certain groups of users to keep their tweets about major events and assure us that everyone will have this opportunity in the coming months.

Twitter Moments debuted in October, but was called Project Lightning, and is one of the central elements of the marketing efforts of the company. Moments lets you gather and selected tweets to tell stories in new ways. This is a powerful feature that helps build communities interested in specific topics and events.

This does not mean that the new feature will change the flow of information on Twitter. Memories, created by individuals or companies can be found in their profiles through a special button on their profiles. The service is available via tweet - when clicking on a link in the platform, it will take you directly in any particular "moment".

Instagram and Snapchat have "Stories", which are virtually the same thing. A fragment of text or media flows into the next, then it's all over. Twitter's service is not as fast. Users have the opportunity to see the memories at any time and return content to recall what he saw.