Samsung KS7000 series: Overview of Samsung UE49KS7000 4K HDR TV

Consumer product overview of Samsung UE49KS7000 4K HDR TV

Overview of Samsung UE49KS7000 4K HDR TVThe Samsung KS7000 series combines great value with ultra-bright HDR pictures and a smart TV system.

The range includes 3 options – the 49-inch Samsung UE49KS700, the 55-inch Samsung UE55KS700 and the 60-inch Samsung UE60KS700.
In this article, I will focus on the first option, the 49-inch UE49KS7000 as the base model of the series. But first, a bit of information on the KS700 series. The very purpose of the KS700 is to bring HDR quality to a wider audience with more affordable prices. Their combination of an ultra-bright panel and Quantum Dot colour reproduction enables it to deliver levels of dynamism, colour vibrancy and punch with HDR sources. The sets are attractive too, with slim, metallic frames and minimalist desktop 'feet'.

Some drawbacks of this range are that bright objects can cause some backlight striping and blocking against dark backgrounds and the series does not support 3D. You can also find it difficult to fit the TV in your room – a large table might be needed.

Overview of Samsung UE49KS7000

At a little over $1200, the UE49KS7000 is one of the most affordable 4K HDR TVs.

Key Features
  • Edge-lit LCD panel
  • 4K resolution
  • HDR
  • UHD Premium certification
  • 4 x HDMI     

The UE49KS7000 features a simple, minimalist design. The frame is thin enough to be barely noticeable, the feet are located at the corners of the screen and are easy to fit without the need for screws. However, to fit the TV you will need a wide surface – as wide as the TV (109cm).

The minimalist vibe extends to the back of the TV, which is virtually seamless. There are no screw holes, and only two sockets: power and One Connect (a separate box that houses all the connections). This saves space in the TV, allowing it to be slimmer.

The One Connect box has 4 x HDMIs (all HDCP 2.2 and therefore 4K-compatible), 3 x USB ports, digital optical out, Ethernet, plus aerial and satellite sockets.
Typically for Samsung, you have two remotes – a traditional one and a "smart" one with fewer buttons.

There are no 3D glasses in the box, because this TV doesn’t do 3D. Samsung has officially withdrawn support for the format.
The UE49KS700 supports a wide range of apps, including Netflix and Amazon Video but not YouView or Freeview Play.

Picture Quality
This Samsung provides great resolution when displaying in 4K with amazing level of detail. It’s a clearly defined picture with clean lines and minimal noise. Standard definition (on DVD and TV) fares less well, looking noticeably fuzzier and noisier.
Colours and contrast are impressive too, even in standard dynamic range, but high dynamic ranges takes it further – you can notice how sunlight and fire is brighter, shadows are darker and deeper. The KS7000 is capable of pointing out the finer gradations at both extremes.
However, there is some unwanted light in the dark bits of bright scenes – so-called ‘light bleeding’.

Sound quality
Unlike the picture quality, the sound performance is a bit off. It’s not too bad considering the TV’s slim profile, but it is a little thin for big soundtracks. The soundfield is large enough to fill a moderately sized room and it goes loud enough without breaking up or getting harsh. Still, for a properly cinematic experience, I'd say it's crucial to add some proper speakers, or at least a soundbar.

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As a conclusion, the UE49KS7000 is worth its price, offers good 4K HDR picture quality – it’s a very good budget solution in case you don’t need a 3D TV.