Washing machine for the average consumer - Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC

Consumer review of washing machine Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC

Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC test
Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC washing machine

In today’s review we will take a look at one of Gorenje’s washing machines - the 1200 rpm 6 kg model SensoCare W6523/SC

We’ve had this washing machine for 3 months and have used it heavily so we’d like to share our experience and overall impressions with this Gorenje’s model. It has to be mentioned that this washing machine was on sale when we bought it so we got it for less than USD 300, and it’s still sold for that price range. 

This makes this washing machine middle range priced for the Gorenje product line - it’s not the cheapest one and by far not the most expensive one.

The washing machine is offered only in white, which in my opinion is the only acceptable color for a washing machine or a dryer, the inox ones just look wrong. The model is decided in slim option, which was very important for us when we were choosing our washing machine as it had to fit in a tight space. 

The exact dimensions are 60 cm wide, 44 cm deep and 85 cm tall. It features a LED display which shows the variety of water temperature, spin speed and remaining time for your washing cycle.

The washer

The central spinner button lets you select between 23 programs, which can be further adjusted in terms of spin speed and temperature, although not all programs can be amended to any speed or temperature you’d like, most of them will only give you the default pre-programmed option and one additional in case you need to lower the temperature a bit or increase / decrease the rpms.

Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC washing machine controls
Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC washing machine controls

My two favorite programs are the perfect black and ultra white ones. I’ve noticed that using these two, my blacks have not lost color and the whites do not darken or become yellowish even though I do not use bleach and never will. The sport program is also convenient for a short wash, and if you want an even faster program, you can use  the quick wash option, which is only 17 minutes.

Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC

There’s an option for hand wash if you have delicates that should not be spinned, but I have never used it. Of course, the Gorenje also offers cotton and wool programs, which are must-haves nowadays. There are also options for synthetics, bio wash (also never used), night wash, which is a longer program, and, of course, cold rinse and spin only. 

I’ve found it very useful to only spin clothes that are not quite dry enough when I take them out of the washing machine and I need to dry them quickly. It’s especially useful for bed sheets and other bigger items which may not properly spin on the first try.
Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC video preview

Final thoughts 

My overall impressions with this Gorenje model are very good, the design is simple and elegant, the wash quality is perfect, the options are more than enough, I can even add my own to Favorite wash 1 and 2. 

The energy class is A+++, which is also an added bonus to the whole package. I would not say that there are any drawbacks whatsoever to this washing machine and I will readily recommend it to anyone looking for a middle-range washing machine.