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World famous entrepreneur Elon Musk creates the biggest lithium ionbattery

On 23 November Elon Musk announced that his company has finished building the biggest lithium ion battery in the world

Recently we heard that the colossal project for making the biggest lithium ion battery in the world was put into motion in March this year to help South Australia with its energy problems.The deal happened mostly over Twitter, when on 09 March Elon Musk tweeted "100 days from contact signature or it's free". This way he essentially committed that his company will not charge the South Australian government if they don't deliver on time.

Today, 23 November he announced that Tesla has finished developing the battery and tests will initiate in the coming few days. Being ready ahead of schedule is a rarity for the company. The 100 MW battery set known as Tesla Powerpacks has been installed at Neoen's Hornsdale windfarm and will be subject to extensive testing before its operation date on 01 December.

"The world’s largest lithium ion battery will be an important part of our energy mix, and it sends the clearest message that South Australia will be a leader [sic] renewable energy with battery storage," South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill said in a statement. "An enormous amount of work has gone in to delivering this project in such a short time."

The historical promise was brought on by a major power outage in South Australia. Last September the country suffered from a state wide blackout. That sparkled political debates regarding energy security and independence. The Government blamed the renewable energy failure to cover for the power loss at that timeframe. Ironically enough, Musk's batteries are chared by energy from renewable sources - wind, solar. When the requirements for power are high, the battery farm powers the grid. When usage is low, the batteries start charging.

TESLA got crazy!

Musk finally signed the contract in September this year with South Australian's government. A curious fact is that by the date of signing, Tesla has already finished half of the project. In all fairness though, he promised to have the battery farm ready up to 100 days after contract signing, not after promising to do it, so he delivered as promised.

Expect more info about the project at our consumer blog very soon!