Opel Vectra C - pros and cons

Main pros and cons of one of the most popular cars in Europe - Opel Vectra C (2002-2009)

Opel Vectra C info

For its seven years of production Opel Vectra C achieved good sales in Europe and some parts of Asia, turning into one of the favorite business and family vehicles for many consumers. I personally have owned two Vectra B cars and a Vectra C and I would say these are some great cars, inexpensive to run and service and pretty reliable for its price.

In 2009 Vectra C was replaced with the much more sophisticated Insgina which is sold in almost any continent around the globe and proved to be one of the most successful cars of the brand prior it was sold to PSA.

So what was good about the Vectra C? Well, here is a short list with its main qualities:

Opel Vectra C pros
  • Wide variety of diesel and gasoline enignes
  • List of features and extras - back in 2005 you could find almost any feature available in car manufacturing in the Vectra C
  • Fresh, modern design
  • Very roomy interior and enormous cargo space in the Estate/Signum versions
  • Cheap to run - inexpensive spare parts and maintenance
  • Good fuel economy across the range
Buying used car – Opel Vectra C
This third generation of Vectra also had some downsides which are well known after so many miles and opinions shared in the forums. Here is a short list of its negatives:

Opel Vectra C cons
  • Bad/cheap plastics in the interior
  • Strong but unsettled suspension - neither on the sporty nor on the comfort side
  • Engine refinement - some are noisy and with high level of vibrations

I would totally recommend the Vectra C as a second hand purchase. Just make sure to make your research and pick the right car for you. If I needed to buy one now I would avoid the 1.9 CDTI and the 2.2 direct engines due to expensive servicing. The 1.8 petrol engine is my strongest recommendation.

I would be very happy to hear other Vectra C owners so feel free to share your thoughts about this beautiful second hand car in the comments section below. Thank you!