Xenta Wireless 5G HD AV Kit

Xenta Wireless 5G HD AV Kit - wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver Kits run at 5GHz operation frequency to deliver uncompressed HD video/audio 20 meters in open field

Xenta Wireless 5G HD AV Kit is a wireless HD transmitter/receiver.

If you have sky,virgin tv, Xbox, PlayStation ect. in one room & want it in another room without the wires or moving the console.This transmitter will send it to the other TV.

Main use will be for watching the tv & recording also the odd bit for playstation & xbox 360.

Main features
- Includes 4 port HDMI switch for multiple sources
- Connect up to 4 source devices
- Control up to 4 devices with IR remote extender
- Includes wireless remote control
- Transmits up to 30 Metres an HD 720p or 1080p signal

Xenta Wireless 5G HD AV Kit extends HDMI or DVI signals up to 20m (open space) or 12m (indoor). Supports Full HD 1080p signals.
Real-time compressed audio is embedded within the HDMI output stream.
Suitable for use with Home Cinema and Computer equipment
Extends IR and CEC Signals for remote control of AV Equipment
Connect to PC/Player/Game Box with HDMI port conveniently.
Supporting the point-to-point transmission function currently which can be expanded to the multi-point to point transmission function.

Xenta XForce 5.1 Surround Sound speakers

What's in the box
1 x Wireless HDMI Transmitter(TX)
1 x Wireless HDMI Receiver(RX)
1 x HDMI Switch
1 x Remote control
2 x DC 5V Power Adapter for RX/TX
1 x IR Extension Cable
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x User Manua