Made for tough day at work - MaxCom Strong MM920

Reviewing the rugged phone made for special tasks and people working in outdoor conditions

MaxCom Strong MM920 phone review
 MaxCom Strong MM920 
Maxcom Strong MM920
Reliable phone for special tasks tested in difficult conditions, resistant to dust and moisture.

MaxCom Strong MM920  - Product specifications

  • Display -large 2.8-inch screen with 320 x 240 resolution, good enough for taking a quick look at your photos and messages as well as the convenience of accessing all the features of your phone.
  • Camera and Multimedia
  • A 2 megapixel camera and store it on a MicroSD memory card up to 16GB
  • Play audio and video files, media browser.
  • Strong IP67
  • The rugged and ergonomic body of the phone fits perfectly into your hand
  • IP-67 protects against moisture, dust and mud

MaxCom Strong MM920 video preview

It is smart as well... for the most time

Useful features
  • You'll find many useful features like a flashlight or a font zoom in your phone.
  • Battery - the powerful 1400 mAh battery will allow you to work for a long time without charging, up to 450 hours (in standby mode)
  • Anytime you can listen to FM radio, take a photo with a 2 megapixel camera and quickly share it with your friends.
MaxCom Strong MM920
MaxCom Strong MM920 tested
Cheaper than you think!

MaxCom Strong MM920 costs around 50 Euro, the equivalent of $60.

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