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2020 Pink Moon - supermoon pictures

Breathtaking images of the Pink Moon were captured around the Earth - April 2020

supermoon photo in April 2020
The 2020 super Pink Moon
The Pink Moon phenomenon drew a lot of attention today and some really amazing shots were captured from phtographers and enthusiasts around the globe.

The moon itself is not actually pink but appears really huge around 6-7 pm (in most European countries). It is also closer to the earth, about 7% closer than during a full moon event and some people get really amazed but also scared about the dimensions of the moon observed in this short time span.

April 2020 Pink Moon photos

Here are couple of images taken with our Panasonic Lumix GX9 (unfortunately, not that sharp):

2020 Pink Moon picture  image 2020 Pink Moon

2020 pink moon April  super pink moon

You can check some really professional and good looking photos of the 2020 April Pink Moon at BBC's website.

2020 Pink Moon 4k video

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