The memory cards we use in 2021

A quick overview of the memory cards we use in our media devices in 2021 - SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro

SanDisk memory cards feedback

We have a lots of tech gear that we are using for our media devices and most of the time we just swap the memory cards from one device to another. 

As you can see from the cover photo it is mostly SanDisk that we are using with their Extreme and Extreme Pro models, one of which is a microSD card. 

Memory cards performance

We have used these cards on multiple devices like mirrorless cameras, action cameras, drones, smartphones, laptops and others. In regards to compatibility they did a good job and we didn't face any issues. 

SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card

As for the real-world performance I would say they are on a good level in writing and transfer speeds. To be honest we don't have much experience with many other brands but we guess the SanDisk memory cards that we are using could be positioned as mid-range. 

Unfortunately the write speeds of all three cards that we currently have cannot cover the bandwidth of the highest bitrate videos on our cameras and drones. Of course for that purpose we would need to invest in professional grade memory cards which are three-four times more expensive. 

Memory cards durability

Even though we didn't give these cards a harsh time over the the days we've used them we believe they would last at least few more years. One of the 32GB cards got almost disassembled though, it looks like it isn't glued strong enough and it is falling into two parts (still working for now). 

And probably the most important part of this post is to ask you for recommendations for high-end memory cards that you have used recently that would be a good fit for our needs?

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